Optional URL parameters for sharing an SRA browser client view

When you share a direct link to a VM Secure Remote Access (SRA) browser client session, you can optionally append URL parameters to control the initial VM display settings.

Some of these parameters may not work until the VM is fully started.

SRA browser client view

URL parameters

Example URL for a direct link to a VM in a sharing portal:


URL parameter



Sets the display quality to one of five different values.


  • 0: Highest display quality
  • 1: High display quality
  • 2: Medium display quality
  • 3: Low display quality
  • 4: Lowest display quality

Example: &display_quality=0



  • 1: Fit the VM display to the current browser window size

Example: &fit_to_window=1


Controls the display server or connection type used by the SRA browser client.


  • standard: Standard connection
  • rdp: RDP connection
  • ssh: SSH connection

Example: &connection_type=rdp

To use RDP or SSH, you must configure the VM to support that connection type. For more information, see the Connection types section of the Overview of VM hardware and guest OS settings.

More information about VM access

By default, a VM can be viewed by:

  • Administrators in your Skytap account.
  • The Skytap user who owns the environment.

These admins and users can access the VM in the SRA browser client by clicking on the thumbnail image of a VM from the Environment Details page.

Environment details page

To share access with other users
  • Use projects to share the environment with other Skytap users.


  • Use sharing portals to share the VM or environment with people who don’t have a Skytap account.