Finding the URL for a sharing portal

To find the URL for a sharing portal
  1. Navigate to the Environment page.

    Environment Details page

  2. Click the Sharing Portals tab.

    A list of sharing portals is displayed. sharing portals list

  3. Each sharing portal has a set of navigation and sharing options.
    sharing portals list item

    • Click Visit Portal to view the sharing portal in your browser.
    • Click Copy URL or Mail to distribute the sharing portal URL.

      • Copy URL – Copies the URL so it can be shared it in a web page or other medium.
      • Mail – Creates an email that you can to send to the people who will use the sharing portal. By default, the email contains a link to the sharing portal and links to troubleshooting resources. You can personalize the email for individual recipients or a group.

      If you’re viewing a Sharing Portal Set instead of a Single Sharing Portal, click shared vms (Shared VMs) to expand the list of sharing portals.