Issue: I can’t access the internet from my VM

Skytap customers can optionally enable or disable outbound Internet access for each environment. This setting controls whether a VM can access the public Internet.

Outbound Internet access is enabled only for Skytap paid accounts.

Resolution steps

The resolution steps depend on your account and user type:

If you’re a Skytap user with permission to edit the environment…

  • Review the environment Network Settings. Make sure the Disable outbound Internet traffic… checkbox isn’t selected. For instructions, see Enabling outbound access to the public Internet from VMs in an environment.
  • Make sure the VM has at least one network adapter that is attached to a network.
  • If you’re using a Skytap automatic network:

  • If you’re using a Skytap manual network:

    • Confirm that the VM has a unique IP address, MAC address, and hostname on the network.
    • Check your DNS or DHCP services.
  • If you’re using an Ubuntu Server 17.10 or Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS VM created from a public template, see Configuring the name server address.

    If your Ubuntu Server 17.10 or Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS VM contains an oem-config.log file in /var/log, it was likely created from a public template. These VMs come pre-installed with Firstboot, which is a technology similar to Windows Sysprep. The first time you run a machine with Firstboot, you’re prompted to configure the operating system. This process leaves behind a log file.

If you’re using a Skytap environment that you don’t have permission to edit…

Contact your Skytap administrator or the person who provided you with access to the environment.