Organizing resources with labels and tags

Tags and usage labels help you annotate VMs, environments, templates, and other resources.


labels Usage labels

tags Tags

Description Usage labels are primarily used to generate more detailed usage reporting. Label data appears in usage reports whenever a labeled resource is used. For more information, see Using labels for in-depth usage reporting. Tags are primarily used to improve search and organization for Skytap resources.
Format Each usage label is a key/value pair with a label category and a label value.
Each tag is a single value.
Example: webserver
Available to users? Yes, although administrators must first create the label categories. When applying a label, users select from pre-defined label categories and then enter a unique label value. Yes
Indexed by product search? Yes Yes
Included in usage reports? Yes No
Resources that can be annotated * Environments
* Templates
* VMs
* Assets
* Schedules
* Environments
* Templates
Links * (Administrators) Creating usage label categories
* Adding and removing labels for environments
* Adding and removing labels for templates
* Adding and removing labels for VMs and other resources
* Adding and removing tags for environments
* Adding and removing tags for templates