Routing between networks in the same environment

By default, multiple networks within an environment are isolated from each other.

In some cases, you may need traffic to flow between the networks in an environment. For example, if you’re testing a multi-tier application with tiers distributed across multiple subnets, you’ll want to test that proper routing occurs between the subnets.

To enable routing between networks in the same environment
  1. Suspend or shut down the VMs in the environment.

  2. Navigate to the environment Network Settings page.

  3. Click the checkbox next to Allow all traffic between networks in this environment. After this is checked, VMs within the environment can communicate with one another via their IP addresses.

    VMs can’t resolve hostnames across automatic networks in the same environment (for example, if Network 1 and Network 2 are both automatic networks, a VM on Network 1 won’t be able to resolve the hostname of a VM on Network 2).


If the VMs can’t communicate with one another, check the guest OS firewall settings to make sure access isn’t blocked.