Booting an AIX VM into maintenance mode

To perform maintenance on the rootvg volume group or to restore files from a mksysb backup, it’s sometimes necessary to boot an AIX VM into maintenance mode.

Booting an AIX VM from a NIM master

  1. Add a NIM master VM to the environment. If possible, choose a NIM master with the same AIX version, Technology Level and Service Pack as the VM. See Creating an environment from a template.

  2. Click on the thumbnail image of the VM desktop to open the Secure Remote Access (SRA) browser client. VM Desktop Thumbnail
  3. In the guest OS—not from the browser client toolbar—restart the guest OS with the following command: reboot.
  4. After the VM restarts, press 1 to enter the AIX System Management Services console.
  5. Press 5Select Boot Options.
  6. Press 1Select Install/Boot Device.
  7. Press 4Network.
  8. Press 1BOOTP.
  9. Press 1Interpartition Logical LAN.
  10. Press 2Normal Boot Mode.
  11. Press 1Yes to start mksysb restore. The status of mksysb restore displays.