Environment Details page

The Environment Details page provides information about an environment and its settings. It also provides tools to manage the virtual machines and networks in the environment.

Environment Details page

On this page, you can:

  1. Perform high-level actions, including copying the environment (in the same region or across regions), sharing it with other users by adding it to a project, and saving it as a template.
  2. Run, suspend, or shut down all of the VMs in the environment.
  3. View and edit the environment settings. See Popular actions for more detail below.
  4. View and manage VMs in the environment. Click the other tabs in this section to view and manage Docker containers, add sharing portals to share access with users outside of Skytap, view network connections in the environment, add usage labels, or view recent activity and changes.
  5. Click the VM thumbnail to interact with the VM in your browser.

Use VMs in the environment


  • Create a project to share an environment with other Skytap users.
  • Share an environment with users outside of Skytap with a sharing portal.

Edit an environment

Edit environment networks

Edit a VM in an environment

Manage an environment