Adding script packages to a course in Course Manager by Skytap

Scripts allow a lab end user or Course Manager to perform automated tasks in the user’s Skytap environment. Scripts can access metadata attributes that apply to an end user through the Course Manager control endpoint. They can be executed through Manual shortcuts, lab actions, or lifecycle scripts. Script packages are hosted on the Course Manager Script Host VM in the lab end user’s Skytap environment and can’t be edited or viewed by the user.



Creating a script package

Use one of Course Manager’s script templates to begin creating a script package. Course Manager supports scripts written in Bash, Node.js, Python, and Ruby.

Adding a script package to a course

To add a script package to a course
  1. From the Course Manager navigation bar, click Courses. The Courses page displays.
  2. Click the name of the course that you want to edit. The details page for the course displays.
  3. On the course details page, click the Course actions drop-down menu, and then click Scripts.
  4. Either drag a script package into the Add Scripts box or click in the box to select a script package using the file browser. Then click Upload.

    upload scripts


    • A script package must be a ZIP file that follows the structure of a Course Manager script template.
    • A script package file name can contain only letters, numbers, underscores, and periods. All other characters are replaced with underscores when the script package is uploaded.
    • If a course contains more than one script package, each script package must have a unique name.
    • You can also add a script package to a course from the command line by running the bin/publish utility from your script template.