Course Manager FAQ

Q: Should I start my environments before my event begins?

A: Generally, if you set up an event with 20 or fewer participants at least two hours before it’s scheduled to begin, Course Manager will create a schedule that automatically starts environments so that every environment for each participant is ready to go when the event begins.

For details about how Course Manager schedules automatic start-up of the environments for your event, see Using event scheduling in Course Manager.

Q: Do event participants need Skytap accounts?

A: No, only the person who creates the course or event needs a Skytap account (for example, the training manager). Both students and instructors can use Course Manager events without a Skytap account.

Q: I don’t have email addresses for the students. How can I give everyone access to the event?.

A: You can allow access to your event with passcodes. For details, see Creating and scheduling an event in Course Manager.

Q: What should I do if a student needs access to a lab after the event has ended?

A: You can change the End time for a student’s event to allow more time for that student (navigate to edit participant and set an individual end time - Course Manager will honor this participant-specific end time and preserve the environment)

Q: How do I get a list of all students attending the event?

A: To see a list of all event attendees, click Events > All, and then click an event. On the event page (or the guest access page if you’re an instructor), click Get roster to download a CSV report of event participants.