Instructor-led training overview

Use the Course Manager instructor-led training workflow for training with a distinct start and end time that is led by an instructor and attended by one or more students.


What are courses and events?

A course is a blueprint for creating events in Course Manager. The course is defined once and then reused by multiple events scheduled from that course. Each course is mapped to at least one Skytap template, as well as any learning content and customized settings added to the course.

You can use templates in multiple Skytap regions to make the course globally available, or create templates that represent different “states” of the course.

An event is a scheduled, customized instance of a course. An event includes:

  • Participant lab environments – Course Manager uses the event settings, course settings, and event participant template to create a lab environment for each participant. Lab environments are automatically provisioned, started, stopped, and cleaned up according to the event schedule, Course Manager settings, and any tags on the event. Course Manager provides a Learning Console which allows participants to view their Skytap lab environment alongside a Content Pane that contains learning materials, interactive tools, and lab resources.
  • An event management view – The Course Manager event details page allows instructors to monitor and access all of the student lab environments in the event. Course Manager generates a special guest access link that allows instructors to use the event details page without signing in to Course Manager.

Process overview

Depending on your organization, the process for creating and delivering events may involve multiple people, or just you!

The basic steps and roles are outlined below. Click on a step for more detailed instructions.