Editing a course


You can edit an existing Course Manager course at any time. This includes changing the course name, associated templates, or other course settings.

The updated settings are applied to any new events or on-demand labs that are created from the course.

Updates to course published content and attachments also display to existing event participants and on-demand labs on the Resources tab in the Learning Console.

If you remove templates from a course that is currently in use
  • New event participants or on-demand labs can’t be provisioned from the removed templates.
  • Event participants or on-demand labs that have already been provisioned from the removed templates continue to have access to the environments provisioned from these templates.

    If an on-demand lab environment is later deleted due to rolling expiration and then provisioned again, Course Manager provisions the lab from another course template in the same region (or another course template in a different region if no template in the same region is available).

  • You are prompted to select replacement templates for any event participants or on-demand labs that were assigned the removed templates but haven’t yet been provisioned.


    • If you remove a template from a course, event participants or on-demand labs can't be reprovisioned from that template.
    • Event participants or on-demand labs can still be reprovisioned from existing course templates in the same region. Event participants can also be reprovisioned from another participant's environment in the same region.


To edit a course
  1. From the Course Manager navigation bar, click Courses. The Courses page displays.
  2. Click one of the following tabs:

    • Events – For an instructor-led training course.
    • Labs – For an on-demand lab course.

      The term Lab in the Course Manager interface is configurable for your account and may be replaced by another term such as Demo.

  3. Click the course that you want to edit. The details page for that course displays.
  4. Click the Course actions drop-down menu, and then click Edit.
  5. Change the course options. For information about course options, see Creating a course.
  6. Click Update course.