Using tags with Course Manager

Use tags to override default behavior in Course Manager events or on-demand labs, or to collect metadata from Course Manager for usage reporting.


Applying tags

You can apply tags to the following:

  • Users – Tags applied to a Course Manager user automatically apply to any events or on-demand labs that the user creates.
  • Courses – Tags applied to a course will automatically apply to any events or labs created from that course.
  • Events – Tags applied to an event automatically apply to all participants added to the event.
  • On-demand labs – Tags can be applied directly to an on-demand lab.


    • Once you create events and on-demand labs, you can't change which tags have been applied to them.
    • In some cases, only event and on-demand labs provisioned in the future will be affected if you edit tag behavior.

Creating tags

To add a new tag
  1. Click Admin > Tags. The Tags page displays.
  2. Click new tag (New tag). The New Tag page displays.
  3. Type a name for your tag.

    You can’t use a tag name that’s already in use.

  4. To create a private tag, click the drop-down menu next to Visibility and select Private. Private tags are visible only to Course Manager administrators and staff.
  5. (Optional) To override default event or on-demand lab behavior:
    1. Select the checkbox next to a setting category under Event settings or Lab settings. The settings in the category display.

      The term Lab in the Course Manager interface is configurable for your account and may be replaced by another term such as Demo.

    2. Edit each setting to reflect the behavior you want.


      • Changing the value of a setting may change the visibility of related settings.
      • To keep the default behavior for the settings in a category, clear the checkbox next to the category.
    3. (Optional) Select the checkboxes next to additional setting categories, and edit each setting to reflect the behavior you want.

  6. Click Create tag. The Tags page displays with your new tag.

Only Course Manager administrators can create tags.