Using the Course Manager API

Use the Course Manager API to automate provisioning and managing Course Manager resources.


Creating an API key

You must create an API key (token) and secret to use the Course Manager API.

Only Admin users can create an API key (token) and secret.

To create an API key
  1. From the Course Manager navigation bar, click Admin > API Keys. The API Keys page displays.
  2. Click New API key. The New API Key page displays.
  3. Type a descriptive Name for the API key.
  4. Under Access level, select whether the API key should have Staff or Admin level Course Manager access.

    For more information, see User permissions within Course Manager.

  5. Record the Token and Secret in a secure location.

    Secret displays only on the New API Key page.

  6. Click Create API key. The API Keys page displays.

Using the API

For more information about using the Course Manager API, see the Course Manager API documentation. To view the API documentation, click Help > API documentation from the Course Manager navigation bar.

Only Admin users can view the API documentation.