Cleaning up and reporting at the end of a Course Manager by Skytap event


Cleaning up lab environments

Lab environments are automatically deleted at the end of the event. No additional clean-up action is needed.

Events that have ended appear on the Past tab on the Events page.

Deleting an event

To permanently delete an event
  1. In the navigation bar, click Events. The Events page displays.
  2. Click one of the following tabs:

    • In Progress – For an event currently in progress.
    • Upcoming – For an event in the future.
    • Past – For an event that has ended.
  3. Click the event that you want to delete. The details page for that event displays.
  4. Click the Event actions drop-down menu, and then click Delete.


  • When you delete an event, the lab environments are deleted from Skytap and the event is removed from Course Manager.
  • If the lab environments were already deleted from Skytap by the event schedule (for example, if the event has ended), deleting the event simply removes the event from Course Manager.

Reporting on event usage

To view storage and Metered RAM usage from lab environments, generate a usage report. Course Manager usage is aggregated with other Skytap usage during billing.