Managing groups

Groups help you manage access to project resources for a set of related users.

  • A user can belong to multiple groups.
  • Your company account can have up to 100 groups.
  • Groups are managed by administrators and user managers.

For example, you can create a group of related users (members of Team B) and add that group to multiple projects in various project roles (participant in Project X, viewer in Project Y, etc.). When a new user joins your organization, add the user to the group; the user inherits the group’s permissions across all of the projects.

You can’t assign resources to a group directly. Use projects to manage resource assignment for groups. For more information about projects, see Sharing resources with projects.


Creating and populating a group

To create a group
  1. From the navigation bar, click Manage > Groups.

    Manage > Groups

    The Groups page displays.

    Groups page

  2. Click New Group (New Group). The Create Group window displays.

    Create new group

  3. Type a Group Name and (optionally) a Description that displays on the group detail page.
  4. Click Create. Once you’ve created the group, it displays in the group list.

To edit an existing group
  1. Next to the group you want to edit, click edit group (Edit group). The Update Group window displays.

    update group

  2. Change the Group Name or the Description.
  3. Click Update. The changes display on the group list.

To add users to a group
  1. Click on the group name. The group detail page displays.

    Groups List View

  2. Click Add User(s) To Group to display a list of all users in the account.
  3. Click Add To Group next to the name of every user to add to the group. They appear in the list:

    add user

  4. Click Done.

Adding groups to a project

Projects help you manage collaboration and resource sharing for a team. You can add individual users directly to projects or add them as part of a group. When you add a group, all members of that group have access to the project based on the project role you assign.

To add a group to a project
  1. Click Add Group To Project(s). All of the projects in the account display.

    add to project

  2. Select a Role to assign to the group members in the project. For more information about project roles, see Sharing resources with projects.
  3. Click Add Group to Project(s).