Overview of VPNs

Skytap VPNs securely send network traffic between an external network (such as a network in your on-premises data center or another cloud service provider) and one or more Skytap virtual environments in your account.

Each VPN:

  • Uses a Skytap virtual network endpoint to route traffic between an external network and one or more virtual environments in a Skytap region.
  • Has granular access controls that let administrators decide which users, groups, and departments can attach virtual environments to the VPN.
  • Can optionally be configured to use Network Address Translation (NAT). NAT assigns additional, unique IP addresses to virtual machines attached to the VPN. This means that cloned Skytap environments can be attached to the same network without IP address conflicts.

VPN traffic passes securely through the public Internet.

Example diagram


Best for
  • Connections between Skytap and:
    • Smaller corporate offices or data centers.
    • Other cloud service providers.
  • You must have a network appliance that is accessible from the public Internet.
  • Your Skytap account must be enabled for VPNs (most accounts are).
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