Overview of Skytap Private Network Connection with ExpressRoute

Using Skytap Private Network Connections with ExpressRoute, Microsoft Azure customers can connect a Skytap environment to:

  • An Azure virtual network in the same region.
  • An Azure virtual network in a different region.
  • An on-premises data center that’s already connected to Azure with an ExpressRoute Direct connection.
  • Azure cloud services.

ExpressRoute Hub and Spoke

To establish a working Private Network Connection with ExpressRoute, complete the following steps:

  • Step 1 – Create a Private Network Connection with ExpressRoute.

  • Step 2 – On the target Azure virtual network, Configure a virtual network gateway for ExpressRoute.

    Choose the Standard virtual network gateway SKU, which takes full advantage of the ExpressRoute capabilities available to Skytap on Azure. For more details about the available virtual network gateway SKUs, see About ExpressRoute virtual network gateways.

  • Step 3 – Connect your ExpressRoute Circuit to the ExpressRoute virtual network gateway: Connect an Azure virtual network to your ExpressRoute circuit.

    The Resource ID and Authorization Key are provided on the Details tab of the Skytap WANs page.

    • For the Authorization key of the Connection object, use the Authorization Key.

      An Authorization key can be used for only one Gateway connection at a time. If the ExpressRoute needs to connect to multiple virtual network gateways, Skytap Support can help you create more authorization keys.

    • For the Peer circuit URI of the Connection object, use the Resource ID.

    The prerequisites for connecting your ExpressRoute circuit to the virtual network gateway are here.

After these steps are complete, return to the Skytap WAN page and click the Private Network Connection with ExpressRoute WAN that you just created, and follow these steps to Test the WAN connecction.