Finding the source environment from a sharing portal URL

To locate the source environment for a sharing portal
  1. Sign into Skytap as an administrator.
  2. Navigate to the sharing portal URL. environment details
  3. Click Environment details to navigate to the Environment details page for that environment. From the Environment details page, you can locate the environment ID or make changes to the environment as a signed in user.

    The Environment details link isn’t visible to standard Skytap users, sharing portal users who don’t have Skytap account sign ins, or Skytap administrators who are logged out of Skytap.

Alternately, instead of using the Environment details link, edit the sharing portal URL by appending .json?dereference=1 (for example: Skytap/vms/123456abcdef99a000a0a00123456/desktops.json?dereference=1). This edited URL redirects you to the Environment details page. This option is only available to signed in Skytap administrators.