Creating a customer-managed ExpressRoute circuit for a Private Network Connection

You can create a custom ExpressRoute circuit to use with a Skytap Private Network Connection.

First, you’ll create and configure an ExpressRoute circuit in Azure, and then you’ll use the service key for that ExpressRoute circuit to create a Private Network Connection in Skytap.

Create an ExpressRoute circuit from the Azure portal

Follow the Microsoft Azure instructions to configure a new ExpressRoute circuit. Use the parameters provided below.

  1. Create an ExpressRoute circuit.
  2. On the Configuration tab of the Create ExpressRoute page, choose these parameters:

    Parameter Required value
    Port type Provider
    Create new or import from classic Create new
    Provider See Regions below
    Peering location See Regions below
    Bandwidth Up to 1 Gbps
    SKU Standard or Premium


    Choose the combination of Provider and Peering location that corresponds to your Skytap on Azure region.

    Provider Peering location Corresponding Skytap on Azure region
    SkytapInDC Prod AsiaSouthEast SIN22 Skytap SG-Singapore-M-1 (Singapore)
    SkytapInDC Prod EastAsia HKG20 Skytap CN-HongKong-M-1 (Hong Kong)
    SkytapInDC Prod SouthCentralUS SAT09 Skytap US-Texas-M-1
    SkytapInDC Prod UkSouth LON23 Skytap UK-London-M-1
    Skytap Prod Washington DC US-Virginia-M-1 (Ashburn, VA, USA)
    SkytapInDC Prod WestEurope AMS23 Skytap NL-Amsterdam-M-1

    create expressoute configuration tab

  3. Click review and create.

    After a delay, the ExpressRoute circuit is created and deployed.

  4. Click go to resource.

    The ExpressRoute circuit details display.

    expressrout details

  5. Copy or otherwise record the Service key value to use when you Create a Private Network Connection with ExpressRoute.

Next step: Add your ExpressRoute circuit to a Skytap Private Network Connection

To connect your ExpressRoute circuit to a Skytap Private Network Connection, see Creating and editing a Private Network Connection with ExpressRoute.

If you delete a Skytap Private Network Connection that uses a customer-managed Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute circuit, the ExpressRoute circuit isn’t deleted, but only detached from the Skytap Private Network Connection. If you want to delete the ExpressRoute circuit, you must do so manually from the Microsoft Azure interface.