Generating reports

You can use reports to track Skytap usage. Generally, individual Skytap users can track their own usage. Administrators can generate and view a wide variety of reports to track usage for individual users, departments, and the complete Skytap account. Administrators can also give permission to specific users to create and view reports.

In addition to manually generated audit and usage reports, administrators can configure real-time streaming audit and usage data using the Skytap webhook service. For more information, see Configuring the webhook service for audit data and Configuring the webhook service for usage data.

Reports available to users

Skytap users can generate a list of the environments, templates, and assets that they own or that have been shared with them. For instructions, see Exporting a list of environments, templates, or assets.

Designated users can generate reports for the entire account or just for their own department. For more information about how administrators can enable reporting, see Enabling other users to generate reports.

Report types available to designated users

Skytap designated users can generate usage reports.

Report types available to administrators

Skytap administrators can generate multiple types of reports. For detailed information, see:

If you need to generate a large report, Skytap can compile it offline and email it to you when it’s done.

Report request limits

Skytap limits the number of concurrent report requests:

  • 1,000 per account
  • 100 per user

Most requests (Skytap UI or API) persist for 15 minutes. Reports requested via “Email CSV” persist for one week.

The report response is limited to 5,000 report entries. For reports larger than 100 5,000 report entries, use CSV export to download results.