Connecting environments to a WAN

To connect an environment network to a WAN
  1. Navigate to the environment Network Settings page.

  2. (Optional) If the environment contains multiple subnets, and it will be connected to a route-based VPN (see topology in VPN configuration options), check the Prefer local subnet routing box to allow communication between the different subnets.

    Prefer local subnet routing

    All of the VMs in the environment must be shut down or suspended before you can change this setting.

  3. In the network tile, click Attach to WANs.

    VPN Connections

  4. The Attach to a WAN dialog displays. Click Attach next to an available WAN.

    VPN Connections


    • The network subnet must be included in the Skytap subnet range defined in the VPN settings or Skytap on Azure ExpressRoute connection settings.
    • If you see the following message:

      Before you can attach the network to this WAN, you must change the network’s subnet so it's contained within the WAN local subnet: <subnet>.

      Edit the network subnet using the instructions in Editing an automatic network.

  5. Click Connect to connect the attached network to the WAN. Traffic will flow between the networks.

    The WAN attachment and connection settings are saved when the environment is saved as a template. For more information, see Saving an environment as a template.

Additional information

For more information, see Creating and managing WANs.