Archive of 2022 What’s new

Announcements from previous 2022 releases.


February 2022

The March 2022 release included:

New Course Manager Activity page

The new Course Manager Activity page provides information about how lab end users interact with the Manual in the Learning Console. For more information, see Viewing Learning Console activity.


Enhancements to the Course Manager Manual

  • System commands – You can now insert system commands in a Course Manager Manual. System commands can be executed by the lab end user regardless of whether the target VM has a graphical user interface or whether the user is signed in to the VM. For more information about inserting a command button in a Manual, see Inserting a command button.
  • Inline copyable text – When you insert copyable text in a Course Manager Manual, it now displays inline. For more information about inserting copyable text in a Manual, see Inserting copyable text.

Extend lab expirations in Course Manager

With the Course Manager request portal enabled, you can now allow Course Manager users to extend the expiration of on-demand labs. For information about setting the number of expiration extensions allowed per lab for a user, see Managing users.

Updated Templates

Skytap has added public templates for Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022 and AIX 7.3. For a full list of supported operating systems on Skytap, see Supported operating systems for Skytap VMs.

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