What is the account subdomain?

The account subdomain is part of the pattern used to create fully-qualified domain names (FQDNs) for VMs that have dynamic public IP addresses with DNS attached. The account subdomain name is displayed on the Manage Public IP Addresses page for administrators.

You define account subdomain for your Skytap customer account. Your account can have only one, unique account subdomain. After it’s set, you can’t change the account subdomain.

When you attach a public IP with DNS to a VM, Skytap automatically generates a fully-qualified domain name for the VM using the following pattern:


To configure your account subdomain name
  1. Navigate to the account Settings page.

  2. in the Account subdomain section, type the name of the account subdomain that will be included in all Skytap dynamic IP addresses

    account settings account subdomain

  3. Click save. The Account subdomain confirmation dialog displays.

    account subdomain confirmation

    Setting the account subdomain is permanent. After it’s created, you can’t change it.

  4. Click save subdomain. The account subdomain is configured for your account.

    account subdomain

For more information, see: